12 Questions Girls Wish To Ask Guys Before Having Sex

Sex is an important part of our life. So it’s  better to talk about it and share different perspectives and preferences. Girls wish to ask guys a couple of questions about [email protected] but they never dare to.

These are those questions that girls want to ask guys before having [email protected]

1. How many different girls have you slept with in your life?

questions girls s@x


It’s fine if you’re not a virgin but you have to give your girl the same kind of space too.

2. Did you ever have [email protected] with someone and then ghosted on them?

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It’s simply rude if you leave a girl early in the morning after a hot and sizzling night. If you did so, then you need to learn to respect girls.

3. Are you the kind of man who rates the experience every time he has [email protected] with his partner?

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If that’s the case, I’m not down. You may find someone else who is there to sacrifice her self-respect.

4. When was the last time you got yourself tested for STDs?

questions girls s@x


We all must get ourselves checked for STDs. And there’s no shame in asking this question for the sake of your health.

5. Do you clean and keep yourself prim ‘down there’?

questions girls s@x


Obviously, you have to be concerned about your hygiene. It’s perfectly normal.

6. Are you only looking for your own pleasure in bed?

questions girls s@x


Normally guys consider girls nothing else than a [email protected] toy. She’s giving you her body so you better make it up to her.

7. What gets you going in bed?

questions girls s@x


These kinky questions help you get comfortable. And they lead to a really [email protected] night.

8. Is it just a one-night thing for you or can it lead to something more?

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You should be clear about your intentions before getting started. This really helps avoid quite a lot of problems.

9. When was the last time you had [email protected]?

questions girls s@x


Such questions really entangle a girl’s thoughts. So it’s better to ask this beforehand.

10. Are you also seeing someone else, right now?

questions girls s@x


Every girl has her own perspective. Some might take it as one night thing and move on. But for others the answer for this question really matter a lot.

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